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Alpina, d.o.o.

Strojarska 2, Žiri,
4226, Slovenia
Zahodna Slovenija
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COMPANY NAME: Alpina, d.o.o.
INDUSTRY: manufacturing (sports and fashion footwear) ADDRESS: Strojarska ul. 2, 4226 Žiri
WEB ADDRESS: www.alpina.si
TELEPHONE: +386 4 51 58 000
E-MAIL: alpina@alpina.si

Manufacturer of alpine, outdoor and fashion footwear with long-lasting tradition and a globally recognised brand. Alpina together with its subsidiaries in Croatia, BiH, Serbia, China, Ukraine and Romania forms a group that sells to more than 50 countries all around the globe.

Income statement (in € ‚000) 2018 2019 2020
Revenues 57.136 51.583 41.130
EBITDA 3.438 2.314 (311)
EBIT 2.284 (381) (3.158)
Net Income 3.081 (983) (4.592)
Balance Sheet 2018 2019 2020
Total assets 44.969 57.254 51.688
Equity 10.630 9.543 5.281
Financial Debt 18.305 33.684 35.830
Net Debt/EBITDA 5.0 n/a n/a


2018 2019 2020
Number of employees (average) 1.452 1.406 1.305

Strategy Indicators

Growth of total revenue last year compared to the previous year in %  (-20%)
Growth of sales compared to the previous year  (-25%)
Sales on EU market (% of totale sales)  51%
Sales on non EU market (% of totale sales)  49%
Sales on GB market (% of totale sales)  n/a
The percentage of sales generated by the top 10 customers  n/a
The percentage of the 3 largest customer‘s revenue in total revenue  n/a
Growth of product/service with the largest share in sales  n/a
Growth of product/service with the largest share in revenue  n/a
The percentage of investments in revenue in last year  n/a

Strategy & Plans

Alpina’s goal is to become a leading manufacturer of cross-country ski footwear with more than 50% global share, thus exploiting its competencies and competitive advantages in the field of production. Alpina will continue to develop top-quality cross-country ski boots under own brand Alpina. At the same time Alpina will also develop other footwear programmes for alpine skiing, leisure, trekking and hiking, as well as a fashion program. On the leisure, trekking and hiking program, the collections will be adapted to the requirements of a modern consumer. Alpina products shall be quality products with a recognizable brand, with an emphasis on innovation, functionality, high quality of materials used and footwear comforts.

Key Facts

  • Brand with long tradition in Slovenia, ex-Yugoslavia, and other European markets.
  • Alpina is a top-level producer of winter sports footwear, with cross-country ski boots as its flagship segment.
  • Globally recognised cross-country ski footwear brand and a leading producer of such footwear. XC boots are worn also by Olympic medal winners.
  • Own production capacities in Slovenia, Bosnia, and China.
  • Retail network encompassing own shops in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Serbia, Romania, and Ukraine.

Top 10 shareholder structure (15.10.2021)

Shareholder name – regular shares Number od shares Stake
DUTB, d.d. n/a 100%

Additional Information

Realestate agency: DUTB, d.d. Davčna ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana
Web page: http://nepremicnine.dutb.eu/en/

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