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Land Gameljne

Zgornje Gameljne, Ljubljana,
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  • 13,030.00 sq m


Diverse dedicated use of the building land in an interesting location

The land consists of a set of 5 plots totalling 28,150 m2 in Zgornje Gameljne,

where some of the plots already have new owners. This is what is still for sale:

set 1: land for residential buildings 7,753 m2,
set 3: agricultural and forest land 2,988 m2,
set 5: land for residential buildings 2,288 m2.

Some of the land is located behind the old Rašica factory, while other plots of land are west or northwest of it. The land is not a single entity, it is possible to buy individual sets. An Municipal Detailed Spatial Plan is expected to be made for the area.

Two sets totalling 10,041 m2 are intended for residential buildings and the adoption of the Municipal Detailed Spatial Plan for Velike Gameljne, which envisages the construction of single and two-family houses is foreseen for them. Built area factor 40%, maximum height of buildings 11 m. The designat- ed use of other land is for agricultural purposes.

All of its features give this land high market potential. Surrounded by mead- ows and forests, it lies just a stone’s throw from the Šmartno motorway junc- tion, in the village of Zgornje Gameljne. The location is ideal for all those seek- ing the right balance between urban living and being close to the forest. The local natural environment is wonderful, which creates a peaceful ambience and offers numerous opportunities for relaxation and recreation (Šmarna Gora, Grmada, Rašiški hrib, etc.).

Additional Information

ID: 105119
Area of land: 13,030.00 m2
Regulatory framework: Municipal Spatial Plan, prescribed drawing up of Municipal Detailed Spatial Plan
Urban situation: Adopted Municipal Spatial Plan
Built area factor: Sets for residential buildings: 40%
Utilisation factor: /
Green area factor: Residential buildings 0, non-residential 25
Open living space factor: Residential 30, non-residential 0
Height of building: Sets for residential buildings: up to 11 m
Contact: Mojca Ferfolja, mojca.ferfolja@dutb.eu
Realestate agency: DUTB, d.d. Davčna ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana
Web page: http://nepremicnine.dutb.eu/en/