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Land Stolpniška

Stolpniška ulica 10 - closest address, Ljubljana,
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  • 18,366.00 sq m


Investment opportunity for the development of accommodation to provide care for elderly citizens

The property is currently a business complex consisting of buildings in need of renovation or that are ready for demolition. The buildings contain movable property such as office furni- ture (cupboards, tables, chairs, shelves etc.). The subject of the sale is a large building plot totalling 18,366 m2. The real estate and the movable property may also be bought separately. Given the existing Municipal Spatial Plan, the land is located in an area being prepared for residential buildings.

The draft of the Municipal Detailed Spatial Plan 234 SOČA J foresees:

  • the construction of a multi-apartment building (a home for the elderly to accommodate a
    maximum of 150 residents)
  • the construction of serviced apartments (for a maximum of 80 residents)
  • a utilisation factor of 1.2
  • the maximum number of floors at G+5

The land is in an excellent location in the Ljubljana city district of Bežigrad. The University Rehabilitation Institute of the Republic of Slovenia Soča with its rehabilitation programmes and different specialist clinics is located in the direct vicinity. The property is surrounded by all necessary urban amenities and there are paths for walking nearby. The location also has good transport connections both with the centre of Ljubljana as well as the ring-road and motorway.

Additional Information

ID: 100821
Area of land: 18,366.00 m2
Intended use of the premises: Centralised areas of core activities
Regulatory framework: Municipal spatial plan, prescribed drawing up of the detailed municipal spatial plan
Urban situation: Adopted Municipal Spatial Plan
Built area factor: /
Utilisation factor: 1.2
Green area factor: Residential buildings 0, non-residential buildings 20
Open living space factor: 30
Height of building: Up to G+5
Possible project: Over 12,000 m2 of (serviced) apartments and an old people’s home with up to 150 beds
Contact: Miha Perme, miha.parme@dubt.eu
Realestate agency: DUTB, d.d. Davčna ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana
Web page: http://nepremicnine.dutb.eu/en/