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Land Vikrče Spodnje Pirniče

Spodnje Pirniče,
United States
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  • 24,098.00 sq m


An opportunity for building residential buildings

The land is located in the cadastral municipality of Spodnje Pirniče, in the settlement of Vikrče, right between the Sava and the Pirniče-Tacen road. Af- ter the Municipal Detailed Spatial Plan is drawn up and adopted, it will be possible to build single and two-family houses on this land, which has a total surface area of 49,822 m2 and forms a self-contained complex. The land con- sists of 90 separate plots.

The subject of the sale are different shares of plots owned by DUTB, which together (depending on the shares) amount to 24,098 m2. For a plot with a share of up to 1/2, ID code 1975 1225/3 measuring 45.50 m2, there is currently a procedure to award the property, which will mean the total area of land being sold will be 24,143.31 m2.

There are three power lines that cross the north-eastern part of the land (110 kV and 2 x 110 kV and a smaller 20 kV). The land is in a buffer zone to protect the cultural heritage of the Vikrče Roman era burial site, due to which it will be necessary to obtain approval or an opinion from the cultural heritage pro- tection authorities.

Additional Information

ID: 102160
Area of land: 24,098.00 m2
Intended use of the land: Residential surfaces for single and two-family houses
Regulatory framework: Municipal Spatial Plan, prescribed drawing up of Municipal Detailed Spatial Plan
Urban situation: Municipal Detailed Spatial Plan not drafted yet
Built area factor: 0.4
Utilisation factor: 0.6
Open living space factor: 0.3
Height of building: G+1+A, G+T
Contact: Meta Šuštaršič, meta.sustarsic@dutb.eu
Realestate agency: DUTB, d.d. Davčna ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana
Web page: http://nepremicnine.dutb.eu/en/

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