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Manufacturing complex Jogi 2 in the Kromberk industrial zone

Industrijska cesta 5, Nova Gorica,
Zahodna Slovenija
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Complex in an excellent location in the Kromberk industrial zone, Nova Gorica

The commercial and production complex of the former Meblo factory is located in the Krom- berk industrial and business zone near Nova Gorica. It can be accessed from different direc- tions (including by heavy goods vehicles). These are the last large surfaces that are available for sale in this zone which has an excellent strategic location near the border with Italy.

The complex stands on a plot of land with a total surface area of 6,304 m2. It was constructed in 1965. There is a solar power plant on the roof of the building and the property owner is entitled to a fee for use of the facility’s roof. The complex can be bought as a whole or alter- natively just part of it. Access to the property is yet to be legalised.

Additional Information

Year of construction: 1965
Development state: Completed building
Permits status: Building permit has been acquired for the property as a whole (new building permit required for one separate part)
Net area: 6,304.00 m2
Surface area for sale: 4,866 m2
Area of land: 6,304.00 m2
Percentage occupied: 0
Contact: Mišo Josip Ivanec, miso-josip.ivanec@dutb.eu
Realestate agency: DUTB, d.d. Davčna ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana
Web page: http://nepremicnine.dutb.eu/en/

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