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Quarry Podutik

Podutik, Ljubljana,
  • 37
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  • 44,511.00 m2 sq m


Land for multi-apartment construction with high added value

With its sunny aspect and concave setting, this abandoned quarry complex offers an opportunity for 14 plots on this terraced plot of land to be converted into a contemporary residential neighbourhood with a high quality of life for the most demanding buyers.

The former gravel pit encompasses 14 plots with a total area of 44,511 m2. A small part of the land is at street level, while the majority stretches over the slopes of the former quarry at elevation. A detailed local government spa- tial plan is expected to be adopted for the area. Under the local government spatial plan, this picturesque plot of land is zoned for multiple residential con- struction with a high floor area ratio: 1.8. In a public architecture competition held in 2009, the winning design was for a terraced development with 360 housing units. Its features give this land high market potential. Surrounded by meadows and forests, it lies just a stone’s throw from the Ljubljana neigh- bourhood of Šiška. Podutik, where the property is located, is ideal for all those seeking the right balance between urban living and being close to the forest. The neighbourhood has excellent utilities infrastructure and good transport connections with the centre of Ljubljana and the motorway ring-road. Podu- tik is home to nursery schools and schools, medical centres, sports facilities and cultural institutions.

Additional Information

Area of land: 44,511.00 m2
Intended use of the land: Predominantly multi-apartment areas
Regulatory framework: Municipal Spatial Plan, prescribed drawing up of Municipal Detailed Spatial Plan
Urban situation: Municipal Spatial Plan adopted
Built area factor: /
Utilisation factor: 1.8
Green area factor: 0
Open living space factor: 25
Height of building: /
Possible project: Up to 360 apartments – architectural competition held in 2009
Contact: Mojca Ferfolja, mojca.ferfolja@dutb.eu
Realestate agency: DUTB, d.d. Davčna ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana
Web page: http://nepremicnine.dutb.eu/en/