Slovenia ranks as one of the least restrictive OECD-member countries for FDI, doubling its FDI stock in the last 10 years. It has a well-developed system of investment tax relief as well as R&D tax incentives and a highly skilled workforce. In the past few years it has been one of EU’s fastest growing economies, mostly due to the continuously steady increase in exports.


  • One of the fastest growing CEE countries
  • GDP growth in 2021: 8.1 %
  • Estimated GDP growth for 2022: 4.7 %
  • Economy open to foreign investors

2nd among the OECD countries with least restrictions for FDI (OECD, FDI Regulatory Restrictiveness Index database 2020).

  • Export driven economy
  • 5 bn EUR of total exports, 77.9 % of GDP (2020)
  • 4 bn EUR of goods, 19.8 % growth (2021)
  • Business-friendly regulations
    • strong in cross-border trade, insolvency resolution, protection of minority investors and provision of electricity (Doing Business, World Bank Group 2020).
  • Competitiveness, security and stability
    • 35th most competitive country in the world; leading in macroeconomic stability and one of the safest according to foreign investors (Global Competitive Index 2019, Global Peace Index 2019).
  • Niche solutions and markets
    • high-complexity of the Slovenian economy (capacity and knowledge in the context of new products); the country’s diverse and geographically dispersed exports (Economic Complexity Index 2019).